C R E D I S O L® Patch Test Allergens


C R E D I S O L® Patch Test Allergens have been formulated to confirm the provisional diagnosis of Allergic Contact Dermatitis and to identify the offending allergens.


Common causes of allergic contact dermatitis include cosmetics, hair dyes, jewelry, industrial gloves, detergents, footwear, etc. C R E D I S O L® Patch Test Allergens are available in 2 ml syringes that are allergen loaded.


To perform this test possible allergens are applied to the skin and taped for 48 hours. The clinician will observe the area in 24 hours, and then again 48 hours later. Reactions may vary from mild to severe and may be graded accordingly. Please refer to the detailed Patch Testing Manual for further information.

Click on the document icon below to view the various sets of patch test allergens

Indian Standard Series

Cosmetic & Fragrance Series

Footwear Series

51 Allergens Comprehensive Series

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